Kaitlyn Marie Wilson, LICSW

As a person of diverse upbringing who has done extensive frontline work as a practicing clinician, supervisor, professional trainer, Ms. Kaitlyn Marie Wilson utilizes both lived and professional experience to enhance treatment effectiveness in community-based, wraparound, and residential settings for youth, adults, and families. Formerly Director of Children, Youth, and Families at Eliot Community Human Services, Kait is the owner and founder of Reframed Counseling in Central Massachusetts and Social Work Supervisor at Complex Trauma Treatment Center Boston.

Within her professional roles Ms. Wilson’ passion for and ability to translate material in a relatable and usable way for diverse populations, treatment settings, and staff roles was quickly recognized.  Kait began co-creating and co-leading initiatives to implement trauma informed frameworks across several treatment programs and organizations.

Ms. Wilson has dedicated her career to promoting access to and effective use of education and treatment for diverse populations impacted by complex trauma and the treatment providers caring for them on both an individual and programmatic level. In doing so, Ms. Wilson has created and led foundational and advanced training on complex trauma and related topics for clinical and nonclinical staff, provided consultations to support effective implementation of trauma informed treatment, created activities, tools and interventions related to each organizations’ strengths and needs, supervised individual staff members and teams in the implementation of evidence based and evidence informed treatment models.